XX.1.1 Request Parameters

The new service based on WS should continue to support all the request parameters defined by WADO, for maintaining backward compatibility with the present URI based WADO, including the options to return either native DICOM objects or a rendered object (JPEG, PDF etc.). These are summarized as below:

Table XX.1-1 Summary of DICOM/Rendered URI based WADO Parameters

Parameter Allowed for Requirement in Request
requestType DICOM & Rendered Required
studyUID DICOM & Rendered Required
seriesUID DICOM & Rendered Required
objectUID DICOM & Rendered Required
contentType DICOM & Rendered Optional
charset DICOM & Rendered Optional
anonymize DICOM Optional
annotation Rendered Optional
Rows, columns Rendered Optional
region Rendered Optional
windowCenter, windowWidth Rendered Optional
imageQuality DICOM & Rendered Optional
presentationUID Rendered Optional
presentationSeriesUID Rendered Optional
transferSyntax DICOM Optional
frameNumber DICOM & Rendered Optional