8.2.8 Image Quality

The parameter name shall be “imageQuality" for URI based mode, and “ImageQuality” for the WS mode . It is OPTIONAL for the URI based mode and the WS mode “DICOM requester” and “Rendered Requester” transactions. It shall not be present if contentType is application/dicom, except if the transferSyntax parameter is present and corresponds to a lossy compression.

If the requested MIME type is for a lossy compressed image (e.g. image/jpeg), this parameter indicates the required quality of the image to be returned within the range 1 to 100, 100 being the best quality.

Note: Decompression and recompression may degrade the image quality if the original image was already irreversibly compressed. In case the image has been already lossy compressed using the same format as required (e.g. jpeg), it may be sent as it is without decompressing and recompressing it.

The value shall be encoded as an integer string (IS), as specified in PS 3.5.

Note: The specific interpretation of the meaning of this parameter is left to the interpretation of the implementers of the standard.