8.2.11 Transfer Syntax UID

The parameter name shall be “transferSyntax" for URI based mode, and “TransferSyntaxUIDList” containing one or more “TransferSyntaxUID” elements for the WS mode .

The Transfer Syntax(es) to be used within the DICOM image object s , as specified in PS 3.6. This parameter is OPTIONAL for the URI based mode and the WS mode “DICOM Requester” transaction. It shall not be present if contentType is other than application/dicom.

By default the DICOM objects returned shall be encoded in Explicit VR Little Endian. Neither Implicit VR, nor Big Endian shall be used. The response shall be the Transfer Syntax requested if possible. If it is not possible for the response to be sent using the requested transfer syntax then the Explicit VR Little Endian Uncompressed Transfer Syntax shall be used.

Note: The transfer syntax can be chosen as one of the values of TransferSyntaxUID corresponding to JPIP, in case of which the returned objects will contain the URL of the JPIP session to launch for retrieving the corresponding image.

The value shall be encoded as a unique identifier (UID) string, as specified in PS 3.5, except that it shall not be padded to an even length with a NULL character.

Item #10: Append PS 3.18 by the following annex.