8.2.1 Annotation on the object

Annotation of an object s retrieved and displayed as an image. This parameter is OPTIONAL for the URI based mode and the WS mode “Rendered Requester” transaction. It shall not be present if contentType is application/dicom, or is a non-image MIME type (e.g., text/*). When it is not present for an image object s , no additional annotation may be burnt in.

When used in conjunction with a presentation state object, it shall be applied after the presentation on the image s . When used in conjunction with the region parameter, it shall be applied after the selection of the region.

The parameter name shall be “annotation” for URI based mode, and “Annotation” for the WS mode . Its value is a non-empty list of one or more of the following items, separated by a "," character:

Note: The exact nature and presentation of the annotation is determined by the Server. The annotation is burned into the returned image pixels.