6.4.4 Error Codes

The following errorCodes are defined and shall be used to report any of the associated error and warning situations. Other errorCodes may be present for other error and warning situations.

ErrorCode Error Situation
urn:dicom:wado:XXX1 Unable to anonymize the requested instance(s).
urn:dicom:wado:XXX2 Web Server does not support anonymization.
urn:dicom:wado:XXX3 The requested instance(s) are not immediately available, but can be made available by manual request.
urn:dicom:wado:XXX4 Instance is no longer available, e.g., document retention rules have caused it to be removed or relocated.
urn:dicom:wado:XXX5 The requested instance(s) cannot be returned because the size or count exceeds resource limits.
urn:dicom:wado:XXX6 Web Server does not support the requested format or transfer syntax.
urn:dicom:wado:XXX7 The requested instance(s) cannot be provided in the requested format or transfer syntax.
urn:dicom:wado:XXX8 Single image format is not available for multi-frame images.
urn:dicom:wado:XXX9 Identifier does not match SOP Class (See PS3.7 C-MOVE)
urn:dicom:wado:XX10 Inconsistent identifiers, e.g., Study and Series are correct but Series is in a different Study (See PS3.7 C-MOVE)
urn:dicom:wado:XX11 SOP Class not supported. (See PS3.7 C-MOVE)
urn:dicom:wado:XX12 Invalid parameter value in request (See PS3.7 C-MOVE)
urn:dicom:wado:XX13 Unsupported parameter in request (See PS3.7 C-MOVE)
urn:dicom:wado:XX14 Processing Failure (See PS3.7 C-MOVE)
urn:dicom:wado:XX15 Study Instance UID not known
urn:dicom:wado:XX16 Series Instance UID not known
urn:dicom:wado:XX17 Document UID not known
urn:dicom:wado:XX18 Out of range Frame number
urn:dicom:wado:XX19 Presentation UID not known
urn:dicom:wado:XX20 Presentation Series UID not known

Item #6: Modify PS 3.18 Section 7.2 Multi-Frame Image Objects as indicated.