An Web Server shall extract information from each document specified in a Document Set Information Request. This shall be done by the logical equivalent of:

  1. convert the non-pixel data for each of the requested data into an XML encoded form

  2. apply each of the wado:XPath elements to this XML encoded form

  3. provide the XPath response as part of the Document Set Information Response.

See PS 3.19 for details on conversion to XML encoded form.

The Web Server shall return the XPath results or an error code when the document could not be processed.

The <wado:RetrieveImagingDocumentSetInformationResponse/> element for use with the Retrieve Imaging Document Set Response Message is additionally defined as:

The /RetrieveImagingDocumentSetInformationResponse/rs:RegistryResponse/@status attributes provides the overall status of the request: It shall contain one of the following values:




For each document requested in a /RetrieveImagingDocumentSetInformationRequest/StudyRequest/SeriesRequest/DocumentRequest element:

• If the document is successfully retrieved (without warning) then no /RetrieveImagingDocumentSetInformationResponse/rs:RegistryResponse/rs:RegistryErrorList/ rs:RegistryError element shall be present and a /RetrieveImagingDocumentSetInformationResponse/DocumentResponse/Document element shall be returned containing the document as base64binary encoded data.

• If a warning is reported when retrieving the document, then a /RetrieveImagingDocumentSetInformationResponse/rs:RegistryResponse/rs:RegistryErrorList/ rs:RegistryError element shall be returned with:

• @severity is urn:oasis:names:tc:ebxml-regrep:ErrorSeverityType:Warning

• @errorCode is specified

• @codeContext contains the warning message

• @location contains the DocumentUniqueId of the document requested

• The document shall be returned in an instance of /RetrieveDocumentSetResponse/DocumentResponse/Document as base64binary encoded data. The returned document and warning are correlated via the DocumentUniqueId.

If an error is reported when retrieving a document, then a /RetrieveImagingDocumentSetInformationResponse/rs:RegistryResponse/rs:RegistryErrorList/ rs:RegistryError element shall be returned with:

• @severity is urn:oasis:names:tc:ebxml-regrep:ErrorSeverityType:Error

• @errorCode is specified

• @codeContext contains the error message

• @location contains the DocumentUniqueId of the document requested

• No corresponding RetrieveDocumentSetResponse/DocumentResponse element shall be returned

The error conditions for failures and associated error codes are given below in section 6.4.4. These errors shall be detected and the associated errorCode returned if that error occurs. Additional errors defined in the ebRS standard, in ITI TF-2: 4.1.13 “Error Reporting”, and defined by the implementor may be returned.