D.1.1 Maximum length sub-item structure (A-ASSOCIATE-RQ)

The Maximum Length Sub-Item shall be made of a sequence of mandatory fixed length fields. Only one Maximum Length Sub-Item shall be present in the User Data information in the A-ASSOCIATE-RQ. Table D.1-1 shows the sequence of the mandatory fields.


Item bytes Field name Description of field
1 Item-type 51H
2 Reserved This reserved field shall be sent with a value 00H but not tested to this value when received.
3-4 Item-length This Item-length shall be the number of bytes from the first byte of the following field to the last byte of the Maximum-length-received field. In the case of this Item, it shall have the fixed value of 00000004H encoded as an unsigned binary number.
5-8 Maximum- length-received This parameter allows the association-requestor to restrict the maximum length of the variable field of the P-DATA-TF PDUs sent by the acceptor on the association once established. This length value is indicated as a number of bytes encoded as an unsigned binary number. The value of (0) indicates that no maximum length is specified. This maximum length value shall never be exceeded by the PDU length values used in the PDU-length field of the P-DATA-TF PDUs received by the association-requestor. Otherwise, it shall be a protocol error.