Presentation context definition result list

This parameter used in the A-ASSOCIATE Response and Confirmation indicates the acceptance or rejection of each of the presentation context definitions proposed in the presentation context definition list parameter (Section The Presentation Context Definition Result List parameter shall take the form of a list of result values. There is a one to one correspondence between each one of these result values and each of the presentation contexts proposed in the Presentation Context Definition List parameter. Each result value represents either “acceptance,” “user-rejection,” or “provider-rejection.” The values of the results are assigned by the UL user on the response service primitive. The result values may be sent in any order.

Note: The order of the results may be different than the order proposed. The order need not be sorted by identifier, and the Initiator may not assume or depend upon any particular order.

In this standard only one Transfer Syntax per presentation context shall be agreed to, even though more than one choice of Transfer Syntaxes may have been offered in a specific presentation context of the Presentation Context Definition list.