E.2 Retired command fields

The following command fields have been retired but are listed here for compatibility with previous versions of this Standard. Reference PS 3.5 for more information on retired Data Elements and Command Elements.


Tag Message Field Keyword VR VM
(0000,0001) Command Length to End CommandLengthToEnd UL 1
(0000,0010) Command Recognition Code CommandRecognitionCode SH 1
(0000,0200) Initiator Initiator AE 1
(0000,0300) Receiver Receiver AE 1
(0000,0400) Find Location FindLocation AE 1
(0000,0850) Number of Matches NumberOfMatches US 1
(0000,0860) Response Sequence Number ResponseSequenceNumber US 1
(0000,4000) Dialog Receiver DialogReceiver LT 1
(0000,4010) Terminal Type TerminalType LT 1
(0000,5010) Message Set ID MessageSetID SH 1
(0000,5020) End Message ID EndMessageID SH 1
(0000,5110) Display Format DisplayFormat LT 1
(0000,5120) Page Position ID PagePositionID LT 1
(0000,5130) Text Format ID TextFormatID CS 1
(0000,5140) Normal/Reverse NormalReverse CS 1
(0000,5150) Add Gray Scale AddGrayScale CS 1
(0000,5160) Borders Borders CS 1
(0000,5170) Copies Copies IS 1
(0000,5180) Command Magnification Type CommandMagnificationType CS 1
(0000,5190) Erase Erase CS 1
(0000,51A0) Print Print CS 1
(0000,51B0) Overlays Overlays US 1-n

Note: For attributes that were present in ACR-NEMA 1.0 and 2.0 and that have been retired, the specifications of Value Representation and Value Multiplicity provided are recommendations for the purpose of interpreting their values in objects created in accordance with earlier versions of this standard. These recommendations are suggested as most appropriate for a particular attribute; however, there is no guarantee that historical objects will not violate some requirements or specified VR and/or VM.