D. Implementation version name structure (A-ASSOCIATE-AC)

The Implementation Version Name Sub-Item shall be made of a sequence of mandatory fixed length fields followed by a variable field. Only one Implementation Version Name Sub-Item shall be present in the User Data Item of the A-ASSOCIATE-AC. Table D.3-4 shows the sequence of the mandatory fields.


Item Bytes Field Name Description of Field
1 Item-type 55H
2 Reserved This reserved field shall be sent with a value 00H but not tested to this value when received.
3 - 4 Item-length This Item-length shall be the number of bytes from the first byte of the following field to the last byte of the Implementation-version-name field. It shall be encoded as an unsigned binary number.
5 - xxx Implementation-version-name This variable field shall contain the Implementation-version-name of the Association-acceptor as defined in Section D.3.3.2. It shall be encoded as a string of 1 to 16 ISO 646:1990 (basic G0 set ) characters.