The C-CANCEL-FIND-RQ Message contains fields as defined in Table 9.3-5. Each field shall conform to DICOM encoding and Value Representation as defined in PS 3.5. Fields are required as specified in the C-FIND service definition unless otherwise noted in Table 9.3-5. Fields not specified in the C-FIND service definition but present in Table 9.3-5 are required by the DIMSE-C protocol.


Message Field Tag VR VM Description of Field
Command Group Length (0000,0000) UL 1 The even number of bytes from the end of the value field to the beginning of the next group.
Command Field (0000,0100) US 1 This field distinguishes the DIMSE-C operation conveyed by this Message. The value of this field shall be set to 0FFFH for the C-CANCEL-FIND-RQ Message.
Message ID Being Responded To (0000,0120) US 1 Shall be set to the value of the Message ID (0000,0110) field used in associated C-FIND-RQ Message.
Command Data Set Type (0000,0800) US 1 This field indicates that no Data Set is present in the Message and shall be set to a value of 0101H.