The C-ECHO service is invoked by a DIMSE-service-user to verify end-to-end communications with a peer DIMSE-service-user. It is a confirmed service. C-ECHO parameters


DIMSE-C Parameter Name Req/Ind Rsp/Conf
Message ID M U
Message ID Being Responded To M
Affected SOP Class UID M U(=)
Status M Message ID

This parameter identifies the operation. It is used to distinguish this operation from other notifications or operations that the DIMSE-service-provider may have in progress. No two identical values for the Message ID (0000,0110) shall be used for outstanding operations or notifications.

Notes: 1. Inclusion of this parameter in the confirmation was permitted in previous versions of this Standard but this mode of use is now retired. This parameter may be included in the confirmation but in such a case the invoking DIMSE-service-user should not attach any semantic significance to this parameter.

2. The Message ID (0000,0110) is recommended to be unique within the scope of an Association, to support debug procedures. Message ID being responded to

This parameter specifies the Message ID (0000,0110) of the request/indication to which this response/ confirmation applies. Affected SOP class UID

For the request/indication, this parameter specifies the SOP Class of the SOP Instance for the verification. It may be included in the response/confirmation. If included in the response/confirmation, this parameter shall be equal to the value in the request/indication. Status

Indicates the status of the response. It shall have a value of success. C-ECHO service procedures

The following C-ECHO procedures apply:

a) The invoking DIMSE-service-user requests verification of communication to the performing DIMSE-service-user by issuing a C-ECHO request primitive to the DIMSE-service-provider.

b) The DIMSE-service-provider issues a C-ECHO indication primitive to the performing DIMSE-service-user.

c) The performing DIMSE-service-user verifies communication by issuing a C-ECHO response primitive to the DIMSE-service-provider.

d) The DIMSE-service-provider issues a C-ECHO confirmation primitive to the invoking DIMSE-service-user, completing the C-ECHO operation.