N-DELETE service procedures

The following N-DELETE procedures apply:

a) The invoking DIMSE-service-user requests the performing DIMSE-service-user to delete a managed SOP Instance by issuing an N-DELETE request primitive to the DIMSE-service-provider.

b) The DIMSE-service provider issues an N-DELETE indication primitive to the performing DIMSE-service-user.

c) If the operation can be performed, the performing DIMSE-service-user deletes the specified managed SOP Instance and generates a response indicating acceptance of the N-DELETE request primitive by issuing an N-DELETE response primitive to the DIMSE-service-provider. In this case the following procedure does not apply.

d) If the operation cannot be performed, then the performing DIMSE-service-user rejects the N-DELETE request by issuing an N-DELETE response primitive with the appropriate error code to the DIMSE-service-provider.

e) The DIMSE-service-provider issues an N-DELETE confirmation primitive to the invoking DIMSE-service-user, completing the N-DELETE operation.