This parameter contains the error or success notification for the operation. It shall be included by the performing DIMSE-service-user in any response/confirmation. The following type of status may occur:

⎯ class-instance conflict: the specified SOP Instance is not a member of the specified SOP Class.

⎯ duplicate invocation: the Message ID (0000,0110) specified is allocated to another notification or operation.

⎯ invalid argument value: the action information value specified was out of range or otherwise inappropriate.

⎯ invalid SOP Instance: the SOP Instance UID specified implied a violation of the UID construction rules.

⎯ mistyped argument: one of the parameters supplied has not been agreed for use on the Association between the DIMSE-service-users.

⎯ no such action: the action type specified was not supported.

⎯ no such argument: the action information specified was not supported.

⎯ no such SOP class: the SOP Class was not recognized.

⎯ no such SOP Instance: the SOP Instance was not recognized.

⎯ processing failure: a general failure in processing the operation was encountered.

⎯ resource limitation: the operation was not performed due to resource limitation.

⎯ success: successful operation.

⎯ unrecognized operation: the operation is not one of those agreed between the DIMSE-service-users.