8 Registry of DICOM directory structuring elements

Tag Name Keyword VR VM
(0004,1130) File-set ID FileSetID CS 1
(0004,1141) File-set Descriptor File ID FileSetDescriptorFileID CS 1-8
(0004,1142) Specific Character Set of File-set Descriptor File SpecificCharacterSetOfFileSetDescriptorFile CS 1
(0004,1200) Offset of the First Directory Record of the Root Directory Entity OffsetOfTheFirstDirectoryRecordOfTheRootDirectoryEntity UL 1
(0004,1202) Offset of the Last Directory Record of the Root Directory Entity OffsetOfTheLastDirectoryRecordOfTheRootDirectoryEntity UL 1
(0004,1212) File-set Consistency Flag FileSetConsistencyFlag US 1
(0004,1220) Directory Record Sequence DirectoryRecordSequence SQ 1
(0004,1400) Offset of the Next Directory Record OffsetOfTheNextDirectoryRecord UL 1
(0004,1410) Record In-use Flag RecordInUseFlag US 1
(0004,1420) Offset of Referenced Lower-Level Directory Entity OffsetOfReferencedLowerLevelDirectoryEntity UL 1
(0004,1430) Directory Record Type DirectoryRecordType CS 1
(0004,1432) Private Record UID PrivateRecordUID UI 1
(0004,1500) Referenced File ID ReferencedFileID CS 1-8
(0004,1504) MRDR Directory Record Offset MRDRDirectoryRecordOffset UL 1 RET
(0004,1510) Referenced SOP Class UID in File ReferencedSOPClassUIDInFile UI 1
(0004,1511) Referenced SOP Instance UID in File ReferencedSOPInstanceUIDInFile UI 1
(0004,1512) Referenced Transfer Syntax UID in File ReferencedTransferSyntaxUIDInFile UI 1
(0004,151A) Referenced Related General SOP Class UID in File ReferencedRelatedGeneralSOPClassUIDInFile UI 1-n
(0004,1600) Number of References NumberOfReferences UL 1 RET