7 Registry of DICOM File Meta Elements

This section specifies the File Meta Elements needed to support the formatting of the File Meta Information of the DICOM File Format (See PS 3.10).

Tag Name Keyword VR VM
(0002,0000) File Meta Information Group Length FileMetaInformationGroupLength UL 1
(0002,0001) File Meta Information Version FileMetaInformationVersion OB 1
(0002,0002) Media Storage SOP Class UID MediaStorageSOPClassUID UI 1
(0002,0003) Media Storage SOP Instance UID MediaStorageSOPInstanceUID UI 1
(0002,0010) Transfer Syntax UID TransferSyntaxUID UI 1
(0002,0012) Implementation Class UID ImplementationClassUID UI 1
(0002,0013) Implementation Version Name ImplementationVersionName SH 1
(0002,0016) Source Application Entity Title SourceApplicationEntityTitle AE 1
(0002,0100) Private Information Creator UID PrivateInformationCreatorUID UI 1
(0002,0102) Private Information PrivateInformation OB 1