H.1.1 JIS X 0201

JIS X 0201 has the following code elements:

ISO-IR 13 Japanese katakana (phonetic) characters (94 characters)

ISO-IR 14 Japanese romaji (alphanumeric) characters (94 characters)

JIS X 0201 defines a 7-bit romaji code table (ISO-IR 14), a 7-bit katakana code table (ISO-IR 13), and the combination of romaji and katakana as an 8-bit code table (ISO-IR 14 as G0, ISO-IR 13 as G1).

The 7-bit romaji (ISO-IR 14) is identical to ASCII (ISO-IR 6) except that bit combination 05/12 represents a yen sign and bit combination 07/14 represents an over-line. These are national Graphic Character allocations in ISO 646.

Escape Sequence for ISO/IEC 2022 (for reference) (For the Defined Terms, see PS 3.3)

G0 set ESC 02/08 04/10 ESC 02/08 04/09
G1 set ESC 02/09 04/10 ESC 02/09 04/09

Notes: 1. The table does not include the G2 and G3 sets that are not used in DICOM. See Section

2. Defined Terms ISO_IR 13 and ISO 2022 IR 13 for the value of the Specific Character Set (0008,0005) support the G0 set for ISO-IR 14 and G1 set for ISO-IR 13. See PS 3.3.