When using the Implicit VR structure the Data Element shall be constructed of three consecutive fields: Data Element Tag, Value Length, and Value (see Table 7.1-3). If the Value Field has an Explicit Length then the Value Length Field shall contain a value equal to the length (in bytes) of the Value Field. Otherwise, the Value Field has an Undefined Length and a Sequence Delimitation Item marks the end of the Value Field.

Table 7.1-3Data element with implicit VR

Tag Value Length Value
Group Number (16-bit unsigned integer) Element Number (16-bit unsigned integer) 32-bit unsigned integer Even number of bytes containing the Data Elements Value encoded according to the VR specified in PS 3.6 and the negotiated Transfer Syntax. Delimited with Sequence Delimitation Item if of Undefined Length.
2 bytes 2 bytes 4 bytes 'Value Length' bytes or Undefined Length