Z.1.3 Attributes Not Included

The attributes that shall not be included in the top level of the Dataset sent by an SCP of this Service are as defined in Table Z.1-1

Table Z.1-1

Attributes not to be Included in Instances Sent

Attribute Tag
Pixel Data (7FE0,0010)
Pixel Data URL (7FE0,0120)
Spectroscopy Data (5600,0020)
Overlay Data (60xx,3000)
Curve Data (50xx,3000)
Audio Sample Data (50xx,200C)
Note: This implies that the pixel data within Icon Image Sequence (0088,0200) Items will be preserved.

The Waveform Data (5400,1010) attribute shall not be included within the Waveform Sequence (5400,0100).