Y. Time Range

Time Range (0008,1163) contains the start and end times to be included in the returned object. Times are in seconds, relative to the value of the Content Time (0008,0033) in the parent object.

The range shall include all frames between the specified times including any frames at the specified times.

The range may be expanded as a consequence of the format in which the information is stored. Where such expansion occurs, any embedded audio data shall be similarly selected. Under all circumstances, the returned Composite SOP Instance shall retain the relationship between image and audio data.

Note: For MPEG-2 this would be to the nearest surrounding Key Frames

For JPEG 2000 Part 2, this would be to nearest surrounding precinct or tile boundary

Time Range shall only be used to specify extraction from SOP instances where the times of frames can be ascertained using one or more of the following attributes:

Y.3.3 New Object Creation at the FRAME level

When a C-GET operation is performed on a source Composite Instance at the FRAME level then the SCP shall create a new Composite Instance according to the following rules:

Note: The new Composite Instance is required to be internally consistent and valid. This may require the SCP to make consistent modification of any attributes that reference frames or the relationship between them such as start time, time offsets, and modifying the Per-frame Functional Group Sequence (5200,9230).

Note: The existing General Equipment module cannot be used to hold details of the creating equipment, as it is a Series level module. The new Composite Instance is part of the same Series as the source Instance, and therefore the Series level information cannot be altered.

Note: In most cases private attributes should not be copied unless their full significance is known. See Annex ZZ in Part 17 for more guidance.