V.6.1.1 Product Characteristics Query SOP Class Overview

The Product Characteristics Query SOP class defines an application-level class of service that facilitates the communication of detailed information about drugs, contrast agents, or devices identified by a bar code or similar identifier. The detailed information is intended to be used both for automated processing and for presentation to a system operator.

The Product Characteristics Query SOP class supports the following example use cases:

— Obtain the active ingredient, concentration, or other parameters of a contrast agent for inclusion in the image SOP Instances created during use of the agent, or for setting up image acquisition parameters (e.g., ultrasound transducer frequency)

— Obtain the size parameters of a device (e.g., a catheter) for use in calibrating images that show that device

— Obtain a network reference for an online copy of the “product label” (regulated prescribing and use data) for a drug, contrast agent, or device.