V.4.1.3 C-FIND SCP Behavior

All C-FIND SCPs shall be capable of processing queries that meet the requirements of the Query Search (see V.

An SCP conveys the following semantics using the C-FIND requests and responses:

— The SCP is requested to perform a match of all the keys specified in the Identifier of the request, against the information it possesses. Attribute matching is performed using the key values specified in the Identifier of the C-FIND request as defined in Section V.2.

— The SCP generates at most one C-FIND response for a match using the "Query" Search method. Such a response shall contain an Identifier whose Attributes contain values from the match. The response shall contain a status of Pending.

— When matching is complete and any match has been sent, the SCP generates a C-FIND response that contains a status of Success. A status of Success shall indicate that a response has been sent for any match known to the SCP.

Notes: 1. No Identifier is contained in a response with a status of Success. For a complete definition, see PS 3.7.

2. When there are no matches, then no responses with a status of Pending are sent, only a single response with a status of Success.

— The SCP shall generate a response with a status of Failure if it is unable to process the request. A Failure response shall contain no Identifier.

— If the SCP receives a C-FIND-CANCEL indication before it has completed the processing of the matches it shall interrupt the matching process and return a status of Cancel.

V. Query Search Method

The following procedure is used to generate matches.

The key match attributes contained in the Identifier of the C-FIND request are matched against the values of the Key Attributes for each Query entity. For each entity for which the Attributes match all of the specified match attributes, construct an Identifier. This Identifier shall contain all of the values of the Attributes for this entity that match those in the C-FIND request. Return a response for each such Identifier. If there are no matching keys, then there are no matches; return a response with a status equal to Success and with no Identifier.