V.1.4 Service Definition

Two peer DICOM AEs implement a SOP Class of the Substance Administration Query Service Class with one serving in the SCU role and one serving in the SCP role. SOP Classes of the Substance Administration Query Service Class are implemented using the DIMSE-C C-FIND service as defined in PS 3.7.

Only a baseline behavior of the DIMSE-C C-FIND is used in the Service Class. Extended negotiation is not used.

The following description of the DIMSE-C C-FIND service provides a brief overview of the SCU/SCP semantics.

A C-FIND service conveys the following semantics:

— The SCU requests that the SCP perform a match for the Matching Keys and return values for the Return Keys that have been specified in the Identifier of the request, against the information that the SCP possesses relating to the Information Model specified in the SOP Class.

Note: In this Annex, the term "Identifier" refers to the Identifier service parameter of the C-FIND service as defined in PS 3.7.

— The SCP generates at most one C-FIND response for a match with an Identifier containing the values of all Matching Key Attributes and all known Return Key Attributes requested. This response shall contain a status of Pending.

— When the process of matching is complete, with zero or one match, a C-FIND response is sent with a status of Success and no Identifier.

— A Failure response to a C-FIND request indicates that the SCP is unable to process the request.

— The SCU may cancel the C-FIND service by issuing a C-CANCEL-FIND request at any time during the processing of the C-FIND service. The SCP will interrupt all matching and return a status of Canceled.

Note: The SCU needs to be prepared to receive C-FIND responses sent by the SCP until the SCP finally processed the C-CANCEL-FIND request.