V.1.1 Scope

The Substance Administration Query Service Class defines an application-level class-of-service that facilitates obtaining detailed information about substances or devices used in imaging, image-guided treatment, and related procedures. It also facilitates obtaining approval for the administration of a specific contrast agent or drug to a specific patient.

This Service Class is intended as part of a larger workflow that addresses patient safety in the imaging environment. This Service addresses only the communication protocol that allows a point of care device (imaging modality) to interrogate an SCP Application for information about an administered substance, or for verification of appropriateness of the substance for the patient. The SCP Application uses patient safety related data, such as allergies, current medications, appropriate dosages, patient condition indicated by lab results, etc., to respond to the queries; however, the mechanism of such use is beyond the scope of this Standard. How the point of care device uses the responses to the queries, e.g., by display to a user, or by locking of certain device functions, is also beyond the scope of this Standard.

Notes: 1. The SCP of this Service Class is not necessarily a clinical decision support (CDS) system, but may be a gateway system between this DICOM Service and an HL7 or proprietary interface of a CDS system. Such implementation design is beyond the scope of the DICOM standard.

2. The Service will result in a Query response containing zero or one items. However, to facilitate implementation, the Service uses the general query mechanism supporting multiple item responses, as used in other DICOM query service classes.