S. Service Class User

The SCU shall specify in the N-GET request primitive the UID of the Media Creation Management SOP Instance for which Attribute Values are to be returned. The SCU shall be permitted to request that Attribute Values be returned for any Media Creation Management SOP Class Attribute specified in Section S. Additionally, values may be requested for optional Media Creation Management Module Attributes.

The SCU shall specify the list of Media Creation Management SOP Class Attributes for which the Attribute Values are to be returned. The encoding rules for this list are specified in the N-GET request primitive specified in PS 3.7.

In an N-GET operation, Sequence Attributes can only be requested in their entirety, and only the top level Sequence Attribute can be included in the request.

The SCU shall be capable of receiving all requested Attribute Values provided by the SCP in response to the N-GET indication primitive. The SCU may request Attribute values for optional Attributes that are not maintained by the SCP. In such a case the SCU shall function properly regardless of whether the SCP returns values for those Attributes or not. This Service Class Specification places no requirements on what the SCU shall do as a result of receiving this information.

Note: In order to interpret accurately the character set used for Attribute values returned, it is recommended that the Attribute value for Specific Character Set (0008,0005) be requested in the N-GET request primitive.