S.3.2.3 Cancel Media Creation

The Cancel Media Creation operation allows an SCU to request an SCP to cancel a media creation request, whether or not it has begun to be processed. This operation shall be invoked through the N-ACTION primitive.

S. Action Information

The DICOM AEs that claim conformance to this SOP Class as an SCU and/or an SCP shall support the Action Types and Action Information as specified in Table S.


Action Type Name Action Type ID Attribute Tag Requirement Type SCU/SCP
Cancel Media Creation 2

S. Service Class User Behavior

The SCU shall use the N-ACTION primitive to request the SCP to cancel the media creation request corresponding to the Affected SOP Instance UID in the N-ACTION request primitive, whether or not it has been initiated with an N-ACTION Initiate Media Creation request, and whether or not it has begun to be processed (i.e. is pending or in progress).

Upon receipt of a successful N-ACTION Response Status Code from the SCP, the SCU knows that the SCP has received the N-ACTION Cancel Media Creation request, has cancelled any pending or in progress media creation, and deleted the Media Creation Management SOP Instance.

Note: Successful cancellation implies that a subsequent N-GET of the corresponding Media Creation Management SOP Instance would fail.

Upon receipt of a failure N-ACTION Response Status Code from the SCP, the SCU knows that the SCP will not process the Cancel Media Creation request. The actions taken by the SCU upon receiving the status is beyond the scope of this Standard.

Note: Cancellation failure implies that media creation has already completed (successfully or not), or will proceed. The status of the media creation request may still be obtained with an N-GET, unless the reason for failure was that the SOP Instance did not exist.

S. Service Class Provider Behavior

Upon receipt of the N-ACTION Cancel Media Creation request, the SCP shall return, via the N-ACTION response primitive, the N-ACTION Response Status Code applicable to the associated request. A success status conveys that the SCP has successfully cancelled the request.

A failure status conveys that the SCP has failed to cancel the request, in which case the Execution Status (2100,0020), Execution Status Info (2100,0030), Total Number of Pieces of Media Created (2200,000B), Failed SOP Sequence (0008,1198) and Referenced Storage Media Sequence (2200,000D) Attributes may subsequently be retrieved by an N-GET.

S. Status Codes

The status values that are specific for this SOP Class and DIMSE Service are defined in Table S. PS 3.7 for general response status codes.


Service Status Further Meaning Response Status Codes
Failure Media creation request already completed. C201H
Media creation request already in progress and cannot be interrupted. C202H
Cancellation denied for unspecified reason. C203H