S. Allow Media Splitting

The SCP may or may not have the capability to split a request over more than one piece of media (e.g. if it doesn’t fit on one). If it does, then the following SCP behavior shall apply and the specified attributes are required to be supported by the SCP.

The Allow Media Splitting Attribute (2200,0007) shall be used by the SCP to determine if it is permitted to split this request over more than one piece of media.

Notes: 1. If the file-set size exceeds the media storage capacity, and this flag has been set to NO, the SCP shall refuse to process the request.

2. If the requested Media Application Profile allows for lossless compression, and images are not already compressed, such compression may be applied by the SCP in order to fit all instances on a single piece of media. This also applies to lossy compression if it has not been allowed by the value of Allow Lossy Compression (2200,000F).