S. Labeling

The SCP may or may not have the capability to print a label on (or for) the media. If it does, then the following SCP behavior shall apply and the specified attributes are required to be supported by the SCP.

The Label Using Information Extracted From Instances (2200,0001) attribute is a flag that instructs the SCP whether or not to create any label using the Patient and Study information contained within the instances themselves.

Note: The SCP may implement whatever it considers to be an appropriate subset of any attributes of any Modules at the Patient, Specimen and Study entities in the DICOM Information Model specified in PS 3.3. Typically included are such attributes as Patient Name (0010,0010), Patient ID (0010,0020), Study ID (0020,0010), and Study Date (0008,0020).

The Label Text (2200,0002) attribute is additional text that the SCP shall include on any label, either in addition to or instead of any extracted demographics, depending on the value of Label Using Information Extracted From Instances (2200,0001).

The Label Style Selection (2200,0003) attribute is a code string, which if present, may be used by the SCP to choose one or more implementation-dependent styles of labeling.

The Barcode Value (2200,0005) and the Barcode Symbology (2200,0006), if present, may be used by the SCP to print a barcode on the label.

Note It is SCU responsibility to convey a value for the Barcode Value (2200,0005) Attribute consistent in length and content with the requested Barcode Symbology (2200,0006).