Q.2.1 C-FIND Operation

SCPs of the Relevant Patient Information Query Service Class are capable of processing queries using the C-FIND operation as described in PS 3.7. The C-FIND operation is the mechanism by which queries are performed. The SCP shall provide Relevant Patient Information for at most one matching patient in the C-FIND response.

Q.2.1.1 C-FIND Service Parameters

Q. SOP Class UID

The SOP Class UID identifies the Relevant Patient Information Model and Template against which the C-FIND is to be performed. Support for the SOP Class UID is implied by the Abstract Syntax UID of the Presentation Context used by this C-FIND operation.

Q. Priority

The Priority Attribute defines the requested priority of the C-FIND operation with respect to other DIMSE operations being performed by the same SCP.

Processing of priority requests is not required of SCPs. Whether or not an SCP supports priority processing and the meaning of the different priority levels shall be stated in the Conformance Statement of the SCP.

Q. Identifier

Both the C-FIND request and response contain an Identifier encoded as a Data Set (see PS 3.5).

Q. Request Identifier Structure

An Identifier in a C-FIND request shall contain:

The Key Attributes and values allowable for the query are defined in the SOP Class definition for the Relevant Patient Information Model.

Q. Response Identifier Structure

The C-FIND response shall not contain Attributes that were not in the request or specified in this section.

An Identifier in a C-FIND response shall contain:

Q. Relevant Patient Information Templates

Templates used in the Relevant Patient Information query are defined in PS 3.16.

The template specified in the Request Identifier shall not use by-reference relationships.

Q. Status

Table Q.2-1 defines the status code values that might be returned in a C-FIND response. Fields related to status code values are defined in PS 3.7.

Table Q.2-1


Service Status Further Meaning Status Codes Related Fields
Failure Out of Resources A700 (0000,0902)
Identifier Does Not Match SOP Class A900 (0000,0901) (0000,0902)
Unable to process C000 (0000,0901) (0000,0902)
More than one match found C100 (0000,0901) (0000,0902)
Unable to support requested template C200 (0000,0901) (0000,0902)
Cancel Matching terminated due to Cancel request FE00 None
Success Success. Matching is complete - No final Identifier is supplied. 0000 None
Pending Current Match is supplied. FF00 Identifier

Note: Status Codes are returned in DIMSE response messages (See PS 3.7). The code values stated in column "Status Codes" are returned in Status Command Element (0000,0900).