P.1.2 Service Definition

Two peer DICOM AEs implement a SOP Class of the Application Event Logging Service Class with one serving in the SCU role and one serving in the SCP role. SOP Classes of the Application Event Logging Service Class are implemented using the DIMSE-N N-ACTION service as defined in PS 3.7.

The N-ACTION service conveys the following semantics:

— The SCU notifies the SCP that an event has occurred that the SCP should record in a log. The Action Information of the N-ACTION-RQ contains the information about the event.

— The SCP responds with a confirmation of the status of the recording action.

The association negotiation procedure is used to negotiate the supported SOP Classes. PS 3.7 specifies the association procedure. The Application Event Logging Service Class does not support extended negotiation.

The release of an association shall not have any effect on the contents of the log managed by the SCP.