K.6.2.1 General Purpose Worklist SOP Class Overview

The General Purpose Worklist SOP class defined within the Basic Worklist Management Service Class defines an application-level class of service which facilitates the communication of information to any application or piece of equipment about General Purpose Scheduled Procedure Steps and related entities. As will be detailed below, part of the information carried by the worklist mechanism is intended to be used by the application itself, and much of the information is intended to be presented to the person performing the task. In automated applications all information will go to the application.

The worklist is a list of General Purpose Scheduled Procedure Steps, i.e. each worklist item focuses on a single procedure step and the related entities. The General Purpose Worklist SOP Class covers a wide range of tasks, and the related entities may differ dependent upon the specifics of the procedure step to be performed. For example, the General Purpose Worklist may be used to schedule procedure steps for the following tasks:

The detailed actions for the specific task will be conveyed by means of Workitem Codes. The related entities, i.e. the input information the performer needs to do the task and the output information the performer has to produce, may be conditionally present based on the specific Workitem Code.Examples of these entities are: Images, Historic Images, (Structured) Reports, Films, Presentation States, Audio recordings, Requested Procedure text.

The General Purpose Worklist SOP Class is not intended to provide access to all IS information and services which may be of interest to an application operator. Its primary focus is the efficient operation of the processing application. Other DICOM SOP Classes such as the Performed Procedure Step SOP Classes, as well as non-DICOM services may be needed in conjunction with this SOP Class.

The General Purpose Worklist SOP Class does not support the communication of information from the application to the worklist provider. The General Purpose Scheduled Procedure Step, General Purpose Performed Procedure Step and other DICOM services in the Procedure Step SOP Classes section are defined to support that communication.