K.6.1.1 Modality Worklist SOP Class Overview

The Modality Worklist SOP class defined within the Basic Worklist Management Service Class defines an application-level class of service which facilitates the communication of information to the imaging modality about Scheduled Procedure Steps, and entities related to the Scheduled Procedure Steps. As will be detailed below, part of the information carried by the worklist mechanism is intended to be used by the imaging modality itself, but much of the information is intended to be presented to the modality operator.

This worklist is structured according to Scheduled Procedure Steps. A procedure step is a unit of service in the context of a requested imaging procedure.

The Modality Worklist SOP class supports the following requirements:

— Verify patient (e.g. download patient demographic information from IS to Modality, to verify that the person to be examined is the intended subject).

— Select a Scheduled Procedure Step from the IS (e.g. download procedure step information from the IS to the Modality). The Modality Worklist SOP Class supports two alternatives for the realization of this requirement, supporting different organization methods of the department:

— The Modality may obtain the list of Scheduled Procedure Steps from the IS. Display of the list and selection from the list is done at the Modality.

— The list is displayed and selection is performed on the IS. This implies, that the information is obtained by the Modality just before the Scheduled Procedure Step starts.

— Prepare the performance of a Scheduled Procedure Step.

— Couple DICOM images unambiguously with related information from the IS (e.g. patient demographics, procedure description, ID data structure from the IS, contextual IS information).

— Capture all the attributes from the IS, that are mandatory to be inserted into the DICOM Image Object

The Modality Worklist SOP Class is not intended to provide access to all IS information and services which may be of interest to a Modality operator or attending physician. Its primary focus is the efficient operation of the image acquisition equipment. DICOM SOP Classes such as the Relevant Patient Information Query SOP Class and non-DICOM Services which fall beyond the scope of the Modality Worklist SOP Class may be needed.

The Modality Worklist SOP Class does not support the transmission of information from the Modality to the information system.