K.4.1.2 C-FIND SCU Behavior

All C-FIND SCUs shall be capable of generating query requests which meet the requirements of the "Worklist" Search Method (see K.

Required Keys, and Optional Keys associated with the Worklist may be contained in the Identifier.

An SCU conveys the following semantics using the C-FIND requests and responses:

— The SCU requests that the SCP perform a match of all keys specified in the Identifier of the request against the information it possesses of the Worklist specified in the request.

— The SCU shall interpret Pending responses to convey the Attributes of a match of an Entity.

— The SCU shall interpret a response with a status equal to Success, Failed, Refused or Cancel to convey the end of Pending responses.

— The SCU shall interpret a Refused or Failed response to a C-FIND request as an indication that the SCP is unable to process the request.

— The SCU may cancel the C-FIND service by issuing a C-FIND-CANCEL request at any time during the processing of the C-FIND. The SCU shall recognize a status of Cancel to indicate that the C-FIND-CANCEL was successful.