K. Status

Table K.4.-1 defines the status code values which might be returned in a C-FIND response. Fields related to status code values are defined in PS 3.7.


Service Status Further Meaning Status Codes Related Fields
Failure Refused: Out of Resources A700 (0000,0902)
Identifier Does Not Match SOP Class A900 (0000,0901) (0000,0902)
Unable to process Cxxx (0000,0901) (0000,0902)
Cancel Matching terminated due to Cancel request FE00 None
Success Matching is complete - No final Identifier is supplied. 0000 None
Pending Matches are continuing - Current Match is supplied and any Optional Keys were supported in the same manner as Required Keys. FF00 Identifier
Matches are continuing - Warning that one or more Optional Keys were not supported for existence for this Identifier. FF01 Identifier

Note: Status Codes are returned in DIMSE response messages (See PS 3.7). The code values stated in column "Status Codes" are returned in Status Command Element (0000,0900).