J. Service Class User Behavior

An SCU shall be capable of receiving an N-EVENT-REPORT on a different association than the one on which the N-ACTION operation was performed.

Note: To receive this N-EVENT-REPORT, the SCU accepts an association where the SCP role is proposed by the Storage Commitment SCP acting as an association requestor.

The SCU shall return, via the N-EVENT-REPORT response primitive, the N-EVENT-REPORT Response Status Code applicable to the associated request. The actions taken by the SCU upon receiving the N-EVENT-REPORT are beyond the scope of this Standard but are stated in its Conformance Statement.

Note: In the case where the SCP indicates that it cannot achieve storage commitment for some SOP Instances, the SCU might, for example, re-send the failed SOP Instances to the SCP (via the Storage Service Class) and then re-transmit the N-ACTION request. However, this behavior is beyond the scope of this Standard.