J. Service Class Provider Behavior

Upon receipt of the N-ACTION request, the SCP shall return, via the N-ACTION response primitive, the N-ACTION Response Status Code applicable to the associated request. A success status conveys that the SCP has successfully received the request. A failure status conveys that the SCP is not processing the request.

Notes: 1. Failure of storage commitment will be signaled via the N-EVENT-REPORT primitive.

2. When a Storage Commitment Request is received by an SCP it may immediately assess the list of references for which Storage Commitment is requested and return an N-EVENT-REPORT. In situations where the SOP Instance(s) are transferred via Media Interchange, the N-EVENT-REPORT may fail because the piece of Media containing the referenced SOP Instance(s) may not yet have been read. Attributes (0088,0130) File-Set ID and (0088,0140) File-Set UID may or may not be present in the case of Media Interchange. They may be used to facilitate identification of the media containing the transferred SOP Instance(s) by the Storage Commitment SCP.