H.5 Association negotiation

Association establishment is the first phase of any instance of communication between peer DICOM AEs. The Association negotiation procedure is used to negotiate the supported SOP Classes or Meta SOP Classes. PS 3.7 specifies the Association procedures.

The negotiation procedure is used to negotiate the supported Meta SOP Classes and the supported optional SOP Classes. The SCU and SCP shall support at least one Meta SOP Class UID (e.g., Basic Grayscale Print Management Meta SOP Class) and may support additional optional SOP Classes.

The Print Management Service Class does not support extended negotiation.

The SCU shall specify in the A-ASSOCIATE request one Abstract Syntax, in a Presentation Context, for each supported SOP Class or Meta SOP Class.

If the Association is released or aborted then all the SOP Instances except the Print Job SOP Instance and the Printer SOP Instance are deleted.

Note: Pending Print Jobs will still be printed after the release or abortion of the Association.