H. Behavior

The SCU uses the N-CREATE Service Element to request the SCP to create a Presentation LUT SOP Instance. The SCU shall initialize Attributes of the SOP Class as specified in section H.2.4.

The SCU shall create the Presentation LUT prior to referencing it from the Film Box or the Image Box.

The Presentation LUT persists in the SCP as long as the Association in which it was created is open or an explicit N-DELETE is issued by the SCU.

The SCP shall return the status code of the requested SOP Instance creation. The meaning of success, warning, and failure status codes is defined in Section H.2.5.

The SCP shall use the Grayscale Standard Display Function as specified in PS 3.14 to convert the output of the Presentation LUT to density for printing. If the SCU specifies values for Illumination (2010,015E) and/or Reflected Ambient Light (2010,0160), these values shall be used instead of the default or configured values of the SCP. If these values are not supplied, the SCP shall use its default or configured values. (See H. for suggested defaults).