H. Attributes

The Attribute list of the N-CREATE Service Element is defined as shown in Table H.4-23.


Attribute name Tag Usage SCU/SCP
Presentation LUT Sequence (2050,0010) MC/M (Required if Presentation LUT Shape (2050,0020) is not present. Not allowed otherwise.)
>LUT Descriptor (0028,3002) MC/M (Required if sequence is present. The first value (number of entries in the LUT) shall be equal to 256 if Bits Stored = 8 4096 if Bits Stored = 12. The second value shall be equal to 0. The third value (number of bits for each LUT entry) shall be 10-16.) See the definition is PS 3.3 for further explanation.
>LUT Explanation (0028,3003) U/U
>LUT Data (0028,3006) MC/M (Required if sequence is present)
Presentation LUT Shape (2050,0020) MC/M (Required if Presentation LUT Sequence (2050,0010) is not present. Not allowed otherwise.) SCPs shall support the Enumerated Values IDENTITY and LIN OD