The N-GET is used to retrieve an instance of the Print Job SOP Class.

H. Attributes

The Attributes which may be retrieved are shown in Table H.4-15.


Attribute Name Tag Usage SCU/SCP
Execution Status (2100,0020) U/M
Execution Status Info (2100,0030) U/M
Print Priority (2000,0020) U/M
Creation Date (2100,0040) U/U
Creation Time (2100,0050) U/U
Printer Name (2110,0030) U/U
Originator (2100,0070) U/U

The meaning of the Usage SCU/SCP is described in Section H.2.4.

H. Behavior

The SCU uses the N-GET to request the SCP to get a Print Job SOP Instance. The SCU shall specify in the N-GET request primitive the UID of the SOP Instance to be retrieved.

The SCP shall return the values for the specified Attributes of the specified SOP Instance.

The SCP shall return the status code of the requested SOP Instance retrieval. The meaning of success, warning, and failure status codes is defined in Section H.2.5.