The N-SET may be used to update the last created instance of the Basic Film Box SOP Class.

H. Attributes

The Attributes which may be updated are shown in Table H.4-7.


Attribute Name Tag Usage SCU/SCP
Magnification Type (2010,0060) U/M
Max Density (2010,0130) U/M
Configuration Information (2010,0150) U/M
Referenced Presentation LUT Sequence (2050,0500) U/MC (Required if Presentation LUT is supported)
>Referenced SOP Class UID (0008,1150) U/MC (Required if sequence is present)
>Referenced SOP Instance UID (0008,1155) U/MC) (Required if sequence is present
Smoothing Type (2010,0080) U/U
Border Density (2010,0100) U/U
Empty Image Density (2010,0110) U/U
Min Density (2010,0120) U/U
Trim (2010,0140) U/U
Illumination (2010,015E) U/MC (Required if Presentation LUT is supported)
Reflected Ambient Light (2010,0160) U/MC (Required if Presentation LUT is supported)
ICC Profile (0028,2000) U/U

The meaning of the Usage SCU/SCP is described in Section H.2.4.

H. Status

The status values which are specific for this SOP Class are defined in H.

H. Behavior

The SCU uses the N-SET to request the SCP to update a Basic Film Box SOP Instance. The SCU shall only specify the SOP Instance UID of the last created Basic Film Box SOP Instance in the N-SET request primitive, and shall specify the list of Attributes for which the Attribute Values are to be set.

The SCP shall set new values for the specified Attributes of the specified SOP Instance.

The SCP shall return the status code of the requested SOP Instance update. The meaning of success, warning, and failure status codes is defined in Section H.2.5.