H. Attributes

The Attribute list of the N-CREATE is shown in Table H.4-6.


Attribute Name Tag Usage SCU/SCP
Image Display Format (2010,0010) M/M
Referenced Film Session Sequence (2010,0500) M/M
>Referenced SOP Class UID (0008,1150) M/M
>Referenced SOP Instance UID (0008,1155) M/M
Referenced Image Box Sequence (2010,0510) -/M
>Referenced SOP Class UID (0008,1150) -/M
>Referenced SOP Instance UID (0008,1155) -/M
Referenced Basic Annotation Box Sequence (2010,0520) -/MC (Required if optional Anno- tation SOP was negotiated)
>Referenced SOP Class UID (0008,1150) -/MC (Required if sequence is present)
>Referenced SOP Instance UID (0008,1155) -/MC (Required if sequence is present)
Film Orientation (2010,0040) U/M
Film Size ID (2010,0050) U/M
Magnification Type (2010,0060) U/M
Max Density (2010,0130) U/M
Configuration Information (2010,0150) U/M
Referenced Presentation LUT Sequence (2050,0500) U/MC (Required if Presentation LUT is supported)
>Referenced SOP Class UID (0008,1150) U/MC (Required if sequence is present)
>Referenced SOP Instance UID (0008,1155) U/MC) (Required if sequence is present
Annotation Display Format ID (2010,0030) U/U
Smoothing Type (2010,0080) U/U
Border Density (2010,0100) U/U
Empty Image Density (2010,0110) U/U
Min Density (2010,0120) U/U
Trim (2010,0140) U/U
Illumination (2010,015E) U/MC (Required if Presentation LUT is supported)
Reflected Ambient Light (2010,0160) U/MC (Required if Presentation LUT is supported)
Requested Resolution ID (2020,0050) U/U
ICC Profile (0028,2000) U/U

The meaning of the Usage SCU/SCP is described in Section H.2.4.

If the Illumination (2010,015E) and Reflected Ambient Light (2010,0160) values, respectively termed L0 and La, are not created, the following default values are recommended for grayscale printing:

For transmissive film: L0 = 2000 cd/m2. La = 10 cd/m2.

For reflective media: L0 = 150 cd/m2.

The ICC Profile (0028,2000) attribute shall only be used to describe the color space of images for color printing, i.e., in conjunction with the Basic Color Image Box SOP Class. It shall not be used with the Basic Grayscale Image Box SOP Class.