The N-CREATE is used to create an instance of the Basic Film Session SOP Class.

H. Attributes

The Attribute list of the N-CREATE is defined as shown in Table H.4-2.


Attribute Name Tag Usage SCU/SCP
Specific Character Set (0008,0005) U/U
Number of Copies (2000,0010) U/M
Print Priority (2000,0020) U/M
Medium Type (2000,0030) U/M
Film Destination (2000,0040) U/M
Film Session Label (2000,0050) U/U
Memory Allocation (2000,0060) U/U
Owner ID (2100,0160) U/U

Notes: 1. The memory allocation Attribute allows the SCU to reserve sufficient memory to store the “working” film session hierarchy as well the “copied” film session hierarchy in the Print Job in order to prevent deadlock situations.

2. Owner ID (2100,0160) is a user option for the Basic Film Session.

The meaning of the Usage SCU/SCP is described in Section H.2.4.

Within the film session, the allocated memory is consumed as SOP Instances are created and is freed for reuse as SOP Instances are deleted. All the allocated memory shall be released following termination of the Association or deletion of the Film Session SOP Instance.

H. Status

The status values which are specific for this SOP Class are defined as follows.

Status Meaning Code
Success Film session successfully created 0000
Warning Memory allocation not supported B600

Note: The status code “0106H” (Invalid Attribute Value) indicates that the requested memory allocation can not be provided; the status code “0213H” (Resource limitation) indicates that the requested allocation can temporarily not be provided.

H. Behavior

The SCU uses the N-CREATE to request the SCP to create a Basic Film Session SOP Instance. The SCU shall initialize Attributes of the SOP Class as specified in Section H.2.4.

The SCP shall create the SOP Instance and shall initialize Attributes of the SOP Class as specified in Section H.2.4.

The SCP shall return the status code of the requested SOP Instance creation. The meaning of success, warning, and failure status codes is defined in Section H.2.5.

The Basic Film Session SOP Instances shall be created before the Film Box SOP Instances are created.

At any time the SCU/SCP shall only support one Basic Film Session SOP Instance on an Association.

Note: Multiple film sessions may be handled by establishing multiple Associations.

Terminating the Association will effectively perform an N-DELETE on an opened film session. See Note in Section H.