H.3.1 Scope

Print Management conformance is defined in terms of supported Meta SOP Classes, which correspond with the mandatory functionality, and of supported optional SOP Classes, which correspond with additional functionality.

A Meta SOP Class corresponds with a pre-defined group of SOP Classes. The following Print Management Meta SOP Classes are defined:

All SCUs and SCPs of the Print Management Service Class shall support at least one of the Basic Print Management Meta SOP Classes.

In addition the other Meta SOP Classes or optional SOP Classes may be supported.

The Meta SOP Class level negotiation is used to define a minimum set of print functions; the SOP Class level negotiation is used to define additional functions.

If multiple Meta SOP Classes and one or more optional SOP Classes are negotiated, the SCP shall support all the optional SOP Classes in conjunction with all the Meta SOP Classes.

At association setup, the negotiation process between the Print Management SCU and SCP shall occur for

Note: It is possible for an SCP to support Associations for printing and to also support additional Associations for the sole purpose of exchanging status information about the printer.