F. Service Class Provider

The N-CREATE operation allows the SCU to provide to the SCP selected Attribute values for a specific Modality Performed Procedure Step SOP Instance. This operation shall be invoked through the use of the DIMSE N-CREATE Service used in conjunction with the appropriate Modality Performed Procedure Step SOP Instance.

The SCP shall return, via the N-CREATE response primitive, the N-CREATE Response Status Code applicable to the associated request.

The SCP shall accept N-CREATE request primitives only if the value of the attribute “Performed Procedure Step Status” (0040,0252) is “IN PROGRESS”. If the Performed Procedure Step Status attribute has another value, the SCP shall set the failure status code “Invalid attribute value” (Code: 0106H) with an Attribute List.

Note: The SCP may update the scheduling information on which the Modality Worklist is based, including the values of Study Date (0008,0020) and Study Time (0008,0030) using the earliest corresponding values of Performed Procedure Step Date (0040,0244) and Performed Procedure Step Time (0040,0245), in order to achieve consistency of Study level attributes when multiple procedure steps are performed on different devices.