CC. UPS Macros

To reduce the size and complexity of Table CC.2.5-3, a macro notation is used.

For example, in Table CC.2.5-3, a table entry specifying “Include Code Sequence Macro Table CC.2.5-2a” should be interpreted as including the following table of text as a substitution. The nesting level for the sequence inclusion is indicated by the nesting level on the reference to the macro. Where the matching key type requirement is “*” it should be replaced with the matching key type requirement of the sequence attribute that incorporates this macro.

For code sequences that have requirements for N-CREATE, N-SET, N-GET, or C-FIND behavior that differ from the Macro, the code sequence contents are explicitly listed in the Table rather than specifying inclusion of the Macro.

Table CC.2.5-2aUPS Code Sequence Macro

Attribute Name Tag
DateTime (0040,A120)
Numeric Value (0040,A30A)

Table CC.2.5-2c Referenced Instances and Access Macro

Attribute Name Tag
>Assigning Jurisdiction Code Sequence (0040,0039)
>Assigning Agency or Department Code Sequence (0040,003A)

Table CC.2.5-2f SOP Instance Reference Macro

Attribute Name
Specific Character Set
Scheduled Procedure Step Priority
Scheduled Station Name Code Sequence
Scheduled Station Class Code Sequence
Scheduled Station Geographic Location Code Sequence
Scheduled Human Performers Sequence
>Human Performer’s Name
Comments on the Scheduled Procedure Step
Study Instance UID
Patient’s Name
Other Patient IDs Sequence
Patient’s Birth Date
Admitting Diagnoses Description
Referenced Request Sequence
>Placer Order Number/Imaging Service Request
>Filler Order Number/Imaging Service Request
>Requested Procedure ID
>Reason for the Requested Procedure
>Requested Procedure Comments
Medical Alerts
Procedure Step State
Unified Procedure Step Performed Procedure Information Module
Unified Procedure Step Performed Procedure Sequence
>>Human Performer’s Name
>Performed Station Class Code Sequence
>Performed Station Geographic Location Code Sequence
>Performed Procedure Step Start DateTime
>Performed Processing Parameters Sequence
>Performed Procedure Step End DateTime