CC.2.4.2 Service Class User Behavior

The SCU shall return, via the N-EVENT-REPORT response primitive, the N-EVENT-REPORT Response Status Code applicable to the associated request. See PS 3.7 for general response status codes.

The SCU shall accept all Attributes included in any notification. No requirements are placed on what the SCU will do as a result of receiving this information.

Note: An SCU may receive N-EVENT-REPORTs with an Event Type ID of 1 (UPS State Report) either due to a state change to the UPS, or in response to initial subscription to the UPS (possibly when the UPS is initially created). See CC.2.3.3.

If an SCU performing a UPS receives an N-EVENT-REPORT for that instance with an Event Type ID of 2 (UPS Cancel Requested), then this SCU may, at its own discretion, choose to cancel the UPS as described in CC.2.1.2.

Notes: 1. A UPS Cancel Requested notification includes the AE of the Requesting SCU which could be useful to the performing SCU in deciding the significance/authority of the Cancel Request.

2. The Reason For Cancellation, a proposed Procedure Step Discontinuation Reason Code Sequence, a Contact Display Name and a Contact URI of someone responsible for the Cancel Request may also be provided in the notification. Some performing SCUs might find this information useful in deciding to cancel the UPS or might provide the information to an operator so they can make contact for the purpose of clarifying or confirming the Cancel Request. If the performing SCU chooses to Cancel the UPS, it may at its own discretion set the Procedure Step Discontinuation Reason Code Sequence in the UPS instance based on the corresponding values provided.

An SCU that wishes to start/stop receiving N-EVENT-REPORTs about UPS instances may subscribe/unsubscribe as described in CC.2.3.2.

If an SCU receives an N-EVENT-REPORT with an Event Type ID of 4 (SCP Status Change), it is not required to act on that information, however the SCU may want to consider actions such as: re-subscribing if the subscription list has been Cold Started, verifying (and recreating if necessary) scheduled UPSs if the UPS list has been Cold Started, etc.

Note: An SCU may receive SCP State Change Events from any SCP with which it is currently subscribed either globally or for any specific UPS.