CC.2.2.3 Service Class Provider Behavior

The SCP shall send appropriate “UPS Cancel Requested” N-EVENT-REPORT messages, as described in CC.2.4.3 or shall report the appropriate failure response code.

Note: If provided, the Reason For Cancellation, a proposed Procedure Step Discontinuation Reason Code Sequence, a Contact Display Name and a Contact URI of someone responsible for the Cancel request might be useful in deciding to cancel the UPS or might be displayed to an operator so they can make contact for the purpose of clarifying or confirming the Cancel request. If the SCP is the performer and chooses to actually Cancel the UPS, it may at its own discretion set the Procedure Step Discontinuation Reason Code Sequence in the UPS instance based on the corresponding values provided.

If the Procedure Step State (0074,1000) of the UPS instance is still SCHEDULED, the SCP shall change the Procedure Step State, as described in CC.2.1.3, first to IN PROGRESS and then to CANCELED, ensuring that the Final State requirements, described in section CC., are met.

If the Procedure Step State (0074,1000) of the UPS instance is IN PROGRESS, and the SCP is itself the performer of the UPS, the SCP may, at its own discretion, choose to cancel the UPS as described in CC.2.1.3.

If the SCP is the performer of the UPS and chooses not to cancel, or if there is no possibility that the performing SCU will be informed of the cancel request (e.g. the subscription list for the UPS is empty, or the SCP has determined that the performing SCU has been disabled), the SCP may return a failure.

Upon completion of the N-ACTION request, the SCP shall return, via the N-ACTION response primitive, the N-ACTION Status Code applicable to the associated request as shown in Table CC.2.2-2.

Bi-directional Authentication of machines/users/applications is possible at association time (see PS 3.7 and PS 3.15). PS 3.7 provides a “Refused: Not Authorized” error code. Further requiring or documenting authentication and/or authorization features from the SCU or SCP is beyond the scope of this SOP Class.