CC.2.1.4 Status Codes

The status values which are specific for this DIMSE operation are defined in Table CC.2.1-2.

Table CC.2.1-2


Status Meaning Code
Success The requested state change was performed 0000
Warning The UPS is already in the requested state of CANCELED B304
The UPS is already in the requested state of COMPLETED B306
Failure Refused: The UPS may no longer be updated C300
Refused: The correct Transaction UID was not provided C301
Refused: The UPS is already IN PROGRESS C302
Refused: The UPS may only become SCHEDULED via N-CREATE, not N-SET or N-ACTION C303
Refused: The UPS has not met final state requirements for the requested state change C304
Specified SOP Instance UID does not exist or is not a UPS Instance managed by this SCP C307
Refused: The UPS is not yet in the “IN PROGRESS” state C310