C. Study level

Table C.6-5 defines the keys at the Study Information level of the Study Root Query/Retrieve Information Model.

Notes: 1. A description of the attributes of this Information Model is contained in Section C.3.

2. Although the Patient ID may not be globally unique, the Study Instance UID is globally unique ensuring that no two studies may be mis-identified.


Description Tag Type
Study Date (0008,0020) R
Study Time (0008,0030) R
Accession Number (0008,0050) R
Patient’s Name (0010,0010) R
Patient ID (0010,0020) R
Study ID (0020,0010) R
Study Instance UID (0020,000D) U
Modalities in Study (0008,0061) O
SOP Classes in Study (0008,0062) O
Referring Physician’s Name (0008,0090) O
Study Description (0008,1030) O
Procedure Code Sequence (0008,1032) O
>Code Value (0008,0100) O
>Coding Scheme Designator (0008,0102) O
>Coding Scheme Version (0008,0103) O
>Code Meaning (0008,0104) O
Name of Physician(s) Reading Study (0008,1060) O
Admitting Diagnoses Description (0008,1080) O
Referenced Study Sequence (0008,1110) O
>Referenced SOP Class UID (0008,1150) O
>Referenced SOP Instance UID (0008,1155) O
Referenced Patient Sequence (0008,1120) O
>Referenced SOP Class UID (0008,1150) O
>Referenced SOP Instance UID (0008,1155) O
Issuer of Patient ID (0010,0021) O
Patient’s Birth Date (0010,0030) O
Patient’s Birth Time (0010,0032) O
Patient’s Sex (0010,0040) O
Other Patient Ids (0010,1000) O
Other Patient Names (0010,1001) O
Patient’s Age (0010,1010) O
Patient’s Size (0010,1020) O
Patient’s Weight (0010,1030) O
Ethnic Group (0010,2160) O
Occupation (0010,2180) O
Additional Patient History (0010,21B0) O
Patient Comments (0010,4000) O
Other Study Numbers (0020,1070) O
Number of Patient Related Studies (0020,1200) O
Number of Patient Related Series (0020,1202) O
Number of Patient Related Instances (0020,1204) O
Number of Study Related Series (0020,1206) O
Number of Study Related Instances (0020,1208) O
All other Attributes at Study Level O

Note: The use of the word “Images” rather than “composite object instances” is historical, and should not be taken to mean that composite object instances of other than image type are not included in the number.